Cutting Hair in the NYC Heat

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No one wants to sit in a hot barbershop while they’re trying to get a haircut, and no one wants to cut hair in a hot barbershop. The heat really gets to you as you’re standing there trying to navigate vibrating clippers on a persons head. It’s not picnic for the person in the barber’s chair, as they start to sweat all over their head and neck. When the air conditioner in my barbershop, I didn’t waste any time in looking for a company to perform an AC installation in NYC, because I didn’t want to lose any of my loyal customers.

I’ve been in hot barbershops that either had a broken air conditioner or didn’t have one at all, and they were unpleasant. Most of my experiences in these places were when I was a kid and didn’t have any choice but to go to them because they were the only places around or the only ones I could afford. I would do everything in my power to get to these barbershops as early as possible to avoid the heat, but sometimes other people had the same idea and there would be a long wait in the barbershop.

Given how large NYC is, there are lots of companies who can do the job of installing an air conditioner. Even though many of them have similar advertisements and say they have the same level of expertise, not all of them are the same. I had to put in research to make sure that I was hiring a company that would do the job well while charging me a fair price. I had the worker from the company install the air conditioner in the morning to make things easier for everyone. By the time my customers started coming in, the shop was filled with cool air.

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